Onda Strata shelf

American Cherry (main photo), American Walnut
1190 x 126 x 90 mm


Onda Strata progresses from the original Onda concept through the introduction of five additional layers creating a greater sense of movement. The inspiration for this piece, which is part of the Strata Series, came from a host of themes, combining the original wave idea with other organic forms found in nature.

This sculptural, wooden piece can be used purely as wall decoration or, with the addition of one or two of your favourite ornaments, show its functional side as a floating shelf. It is supported by two concealed brackets and is designed to enhance the ornaments that it elegantly supports. The finished result, is available in American Cherry or Walnut but if you are intersted in other timbers, then feel free to ask me. The main picture shows the piece in American Cherry. If you are interested in purchasing this piece or enquire about a bespoke size, please contact me on 0161 928 5647,  or by email.

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