Onda shelf

American Cherry

1190 x 130 x 25 mm


Onda, is a gently flowing wave-like creation, designed to bring sensual curves into your living environment. This sculptural, wooden piece can be used purely as wall decoration or, with the addition of one or two of your favourite ornaments, show its functional side as a floating shelf.  When I designed this piece the challenge I set myself was to create an elegant, delicate object, capable of concealing the 12mm thick rods used for hanging it. At the same time it needed to change thickness along its length and taper off to a very fine point, without creating brittle ends. The finished result, is available in American Cherry or Walnut but if you are interested in other timbers, then feel free to ask me. For further information please contact me on 0161 928 5647 or by email.

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