Corona – lit wall art

Wenge and Oak
790 x 790 x 55 mm

Edition: 1 of 12

Inspired by the 2015 solar eclipse, Corona captures that magical moment when only the glowing ring of the sun can be seen as the moon blocks out direct sunlight. This mesmerising piece of illuminated wall art from the Celestial Series  is designed to be used in conjunction with other gentle ambient lighting to provide a calming mood to a room. The sunburst effect is created with 16 leaves of Wenge which have been bleached and then hundreds of tiny brush strokes of colour added, so that the brightness gently fades into the dark void.  The central, subtly-domed piece in ebonised Oak, acts as a focal point for the eye.

This piece can be made in different sizes on request. For further information please contact me on 0161 928 5647 or by email.

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