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Commissioning bespoke furniture Commissioning bespoke furniture Gaudi bespoke double chair commissioned for Casa Batllo
Bespoke Furniture – Exclusive Luxury

Bespoke, it’s a funny term isn’t it?  Most when hearing it would think of expensive Savile Row tailors or the time-served makers of hand-crafted shoes. While that’s true it’s also a general term that when applied to any product or service should assure the buyer of quality, exclusivity, luxury and uniqueness. You can certainly expect…Read More

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Designer, artist, furniture maker and sculptor
The reluctant extrovert

There’s no question that when it comes to expressing myself, I find it so much easier to do through a physical object than through words. But that is far from the only reason why this is my first blog in almost two years. I have naively believed that my work should do all the talking…Read More

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Best in Show at Simply Cheshire Best in Show at Simply Cheshire
Best in Show at Simply Cheshire

The Spring and summer months are the busiest when it comes to exhibiting my work and the season kicked off with RHS Wisley in April where the three new floating shelves were really well received by the public.This was followed by Simply Cheshire at Arley Hall in May where a panel of four judges were…Read More

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2017 Exhibitions

If you would like to know where you can see my work around the UK, I’m currently booked in for five events; 27 April – 1 May      Craft and Design Fair, RHS Wisley 20 – 21 May              Simply Cheshire, Arley Hall 20-21 June            …Read More

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Decoding Craftsmanship Seminar Decoding Craftsmanship Seminar
Decoding Craftsmanship

After returning from a two-day seminar near Cork at Joseph Walsh’s Studio, entitled ‘Decoding Craftsmanship’ I am feeling refreshed and inspired. Although seeing Joseph’s exceptional work up close was a real treat, exploring the topic of the relationship between the maker and the digital technologies that are driving 21st century production was what made it…Read More

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