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Designer, artist, furniture maker and sculptor
When working with a designer-maker is worth the extra money

Whether you are a multi-millionaire or somebody living on the bread line, everybody wants to feel like they are getting value for money. So when you compare the price of individually made items, usually created by an artisan, with those made in a factory, the price difference is often so significant that it doesn’t seem…Read More

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Transmission illuminated sculpture Transmission illuminated sculpture in cold cast bronze
Introducing Transmission – a groundbreaking illuminated sculpture

The pandemic has undoubtedly been a challenging time for all of us. I am very grateful that I have been able to throw myself into work as a distraction and this new piece has really been at the core of helping me get by. It took just over a year to develop, with large breaks…Read More

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Bespoke handmade dining table Bespoke handmade dining table
Bespoke Furniture – Exclusive Luxury (Part 4)

  A bespoke design In the first three parts of this series I have looked at the factors which play a part in determining the price when you want to customise furniture to your tastes. The choice of materials, the finish, the size of the piece and its location will all cause the quote to…Read More

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Comet decorative floating shelf Comet decorative floating shelf
Bespoke Furniture – Exclusive Luxury (Part 3)

Sizing It All Up In the previous blogs in this bespoke furniture series I looked at the ramifications of customising materials and the finish when commissioning bespoke furniture. In this article I will touch on how the size and the location of the piece may affect the process and this in turn will provide you…Read More

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Menorah bespoke lectern Menorah bespoke lectern
Bespoke Furniture – Exclusive Luxury (part 2)

The Material Difference One of the major benefits of commissioning a piece of unique, handmade furniture is the freedom the client has in choosing the materials and finish of their design. To use their imagination and the expertise of interiors specialists to commission a piece that meets their individual needs and matches perfectly with the…Read More

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